Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Dangers

Karen Nichols (mom to Skeezix the cat) reported today on her blog, "The Cat's Meow", about Easter dangers: Easter grass, lilies, chocolate, old eggs, and getting pets at the holiday. It is well worth the read, as ANY of these can have dire effects. At any holiday, or special occasion, keep a close eye on your cat and look at things from his/her point of view. What would he/she find most enticing? Is it ok if that object is played with/bitten? Could it be ingested?

Many plants are poisonous if bitten. ANYTHING that looks like a string will be played with. Easter grass and Christmas tinsel can get wrapped around an intestine and cut it. These all are serious dangers that will send your cat to the emergency room, racking up high medical bills with a good possibility that the pet won't make it through. PLEASE keep these dangers out of your house. There are other alternatives, which Karen Nichols states in her article.

I wrote about the dangers of chocolate on my cats' blog. My mother had a dog who ate a whole Whitman's sampler box and had to go to the vet. The dog we had when I was little took a bite out of a chocolate cake because she found it too irresistable, even though (maybe especially) because it was up on a counter.

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