Friday, April 3, 2009

TradeWinds Tapeworm Tabs

Walmart has great prices on human medications, but on cat medicine? According to their website, it does. A bottle of three TradeWinds tapeworm tabs, which costs anywhere from $26-$34 at most pet stores, is only $16.76 online, with free shipping to the Walmart nearest you.

We use these tabs, and they work right away. Within a few hours, the worms are gone. We've never needed to re-dose the cats, as long as we use the recommended dosage (1 tab for 9 lbs and under, or 1 1/2 for over 9 lbs). Of course, you also need to use a good flea medicine afterward or else they will eat another flea and get worms again.

To see this deal, click here.

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