Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Low-Cost Vaccinations

Many cat owners do not give their pets every vaccination for various reasons: possible side effects, too much hassle to take the cat to a vet, or cost. If cost is stopping you, consider taking your pet to Petco. Even though there's no full-service veterinarian there like there is at Petsmart, there is a visiting veterinarian.

Luv My Pet, the vet that contracts with Petco, is reliable and reasonably priced. You can see all their prices here, and there is no "office visit" charge like at a vet's office. They have a general "kitten package", a general "cat package", or you can choose individual vaccinations and tests.

Be sure to get there a few minutes early, as there is usually a line (mainly dogs). If your cat has been vaccinated before, or is taking medications, bring that information along. At the end of the visit, you will get a record of what was done, which you can bring to your regular vet and keep with your cat's information. If you lose the paperwork, you can download the information from their website (once you register).

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Click here to find a clinic at a Petco near you.

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