Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Using the 3 R's for cat products

Happy Earth Day! One of the easiest ways to save on cat products is to use the 3 r's: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  • Does your cat have toys he isn't playing with? Put them away in a drawer for a few months, then take them out again. They'll seem like new, or like old friends he hasn't seen in a while.
  • If your cat reacts to catnip, buy some made from the leaves and treat her toys with it.

  • Look for items on Craig's List. Often in the pet section, there will be posts selling carriers, leftover doses of flea medication, cat trees, and other products. Ask questions about anything you buy to make sure the seller is honest. Pay with cash, and meet in a well-known place like a fast food restaurant or go with a friend. Sanitize any used products so your cat doesn't get sick, and rinse well if you used bleach.
  • Ask for higher-end items on Freecycle. Who knows, maybe someone in your area got a new crate and wants to give away their old one, or their cat doesn't like the water fountain, or they have a stroller they haven't ever used. Maybe they moved and didn't take their pet along, or their cat died and they're not getting another one, so they have bowls and toys. It never hurts to post and see. It is expected that you offer an item first, then request, but what you offer doesn't have to be the same category or the same value. Again, sanitize and rinse the product you receive.

  • Do you have something your cat has never used? Post it on Craig's List or Freecycle. On Craig's List, you can trade items. On Freecycle, everything is given away with no strings attached.
  • If you know other cat people in your area, organize a used toy trade. Everyone brings one or two (or more) toys that their cat is tired of, and goes home with new ones. Again, sanitize and rinse any used toys.
If you would like to reduce your cat's carbon footprint even more, I found this post with other tips.

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Thanks for the tips! Very helpful..