Monday, March 8, 2010

Feline Health Record

Another awesome idea from Drs. Foster & Smith is the Feline Health Record form. At only 49 cents each, you can get one for each cat in your family. Fill it out with the pet's name, address, your name, and all the vaccination information. Keep track of when shots are due, when the next appointment is, and medicine refill schedules. If you foster, fill one out for each of your fosters and send it along to their new home when they get adopted.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cord Protectors

I wish I'd known about these Cord Protectors when we had all the kittens last summer. They look like a great product! Each strip is 10 feet long (yes, you read that right!) and can be cut to length with household scissors. They are clear, thick, flexible plastic with a slit to slide around the cord and prevent chewing. If chewed on, the cat (or dog, or other animal) will only be making contact with the protector and not the cord itself. They are $8.99 plus shipping, and can be purchased from Drs. Foster & Smith at the link above.