Friday, September 24, 2010

Toy Review: Catcessities on Etsy

Recently, one of my online friends sent us some lovely crocheted toys from her sister's Etsy shop:  Catcessities.  Pictures speak louder than anything I could write, so I'll let the kitties tell you how they enjoyed them!  Half the toys are now waiting under furniture to be rediscovered and played with again, and the ones that are still out get pawed around, carried, and play-fought over at least four or five times a day!

 Heimdall's favorite is the pink kitty ball with a jingle bell inside.  Just the right size for a 6-month-old kitten to carry around!

 Tabby likes anything with catnip, so of course the nip flower is her choice!

 Tabby defending the flower from Freya while Heimdall plays with the box.

 Uh-oh!  Heimdall's got crazy nip eyes!  This yarn ball gets thrown and pawed down the hallway, but is especially fun to play with at night under the bed.

 If you look closely, Carbon's blissed out with a catnip toy in the shape of a lemon!  That and the tassel ball are his favorites.

 Heimdall and Little Bit with yarn balls.

 Freya:  "No, brother, that's MINE!"
Heimdall:  "Well, I'll play with the string on the tassel ball, then."
Freya:  "No you won't; I'm hiding it in Daddy's shoe!"

Thanks, Debbie & quality-control officer Smudge!  Definitely a 5-paws-up for Catcessities!