Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Product Review: Petstages Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle & Rest

Last Friday, we received the Petstages Easy Life Snuggle, Scratch and Rest that we'd won from Goma's blog.  I wasn't sure how the cats would take to a cardboard scratching area, because I have two box-eaters and haven't had a cardboard scratcher for anyone before.  I needn't have worried, as you can see from the picture of Missy above!  She was the first one to investigate and use it, then the others tried it out after they saw that she wasn't getting into trouble scratching on it.

Missy really went to town on it, while Heimdall watched and snuggled with the new Petstages Blinking Buddy Cat Toy that we also won.  After a while, he got brave enough to try it, too.  Then everyone else had a turn.

Even our 18-pounder, Tabby, fits in it!

Warning:  This scratcher comes with a little bag of catnip.  Carbon found and ate the nip before I found it!

Our recommendation:  Five paws way up for the Snuggle, Scratch & Rest!  Thanks, Goma!  The Blinking Buddy also gets five paws up.