Thursday, May 20, 2010

Favorite Household Toys

Your cat doesn't always need fancy store-bought toys.  A lot of times, simple household objects work just fine and sometimes are even preferred over "real" toys!  Carbon loves bottle caps, for example.  After we adopted him and Tabby as kittens, my husband couldn't figure out where the bottle caps he was saving on the counter (ones that had prize codes for free pop) were going.  They were disappearing, but there was no trace of them at all!  Then, one day, we caught baby kitten Carbon, six weeks old at the time, on top of the kitchen counter with a green cap in his mouth!  He looked at us, then hopped down with the cap, set it on the floor, and started batting it all around the kitchen happily.  Of course, we let him keep it!

Rori just brought me five of her "babies" that she dug out of the bathroom garbage can, chirping at me and at them.  Her choice for "babies" are q-tips!  She carries them around, decorates the house with them, then bites one of the ends off and swallows it.  Not the best idea, so we pick them up when we can, and usually put used ones in the fireplace rather than in the garbage so she can't get to them in the first place.

Tabby's choice is the cardboard tube left over from a toilet paper roll.  Once she sees one of those, she asks you to throw it for her, then goes absolutely nuts batting it all around the whole house.  She pounces on it, chases it up and down the hallway, carries it into a room then bats it out to the hallway again, and growls at it in a mock battle.

What are your cat's favorite household "toys"?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Friday: Pet Stroller Bling

I have a pet stroller for my cats.  Tabby uses it when she goes on her therapy visits to the nursing home, but the others go out in it from time to time as well.  It's a  Pet Gear Ultra-Lite, and we've had it for almost three years now.  They absolutely love it!  In the above picture, Tabby is trying to figure out why I zipped it up, because she loves to get in it and sleep, besides strolling!

I decided to decorate the stroller with various patches.  I got these at local craft stores, but you can get patches a variety of places, even on eBay!  Most of mine were regular iron-on patches that I glued on using Fabri-Tac.  Don't use Fabri-Tac, because two days later the patches fell off.  I am going to glue them back on with Gorilla Glue or another heavy-duty adhesive.

 Side view.  The paw print is the stroller brand logo, the white thing hanging down is a paw-print zipper pull, and the shiny out-of-focus white thing is a reflective kitty patch.  You can see just how reflective it is!  I have one on each side of the stroller, so that traffic can see us easily.  They are made by a company called "La Stephanoise", and imported.

Patches coming...

and going.

I also have a yield sign with two light options:  blinking red and steady red.  This bag attaches to the handle of the stroller, and the sign attaches to it with a strong magnet.  The bag is from a baby store, and the sign (by Nathan) is from a bike/outdoor shop.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ABO Gear Eco Food Storage Sac at PETCO

We've been looking for an easily washable alternative to our Rubbermaid ant-proof cat food storage bin, and I think I've found one! It's an online exclusive from Petco, called the ABO Gear Eco Food Storage Sac. It's made of jute, which washes extremely well, and has a zippered top and handles. There are two sizes. The smaller size holds a 30-lb bag, and the larger size holds a 50-lb bag. They are usually $35 and $45, respectively, but there is an online sale at the moment for 20% off. Click the link above to see this product on the Petco website.