Saturday, April 25, 2009

Use Frontline or Advantage? Check the packaging!

Thanks to Hurricane Pet Rescue for telling the Cat Blogosphere about this! The EPA has a warning to check packaging for Frontline and Advantage. Some of the packages may be incorrectly labeled because they are imported from other countries, and therefore are illegal in the US. They might also be labeled for the wrong species.

This is not a new problem. According to the EPA website, it has been ongoing since at least last August, but it is important to remind people every once in a while so that we don't let any slip by and accidentally poison our pets.

Click here for the EPA's guidelines on what to look for.

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Jans Funny Farm said...

Oops. Thought we left a comment earlier, but we evidently forgot. But we wanted to thank you for this post and for the info you sent the CB. We posted about it today too because we worry about these flea products being used so casually. So we were glad to find this information.