Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Warning about KMR

If you bottle-feed kittens, or know someone who does, check the smell of the KMR powder. Some shipments have been exposed to heat after they left the plant and smell "off". If it does NOT smell faintly like milk, don't feed it. Information on the PetAg website to report it.

I checked the can that I fed to the tiny tuxies, and it smells really bad. I'm going to report it in the morning. I *hope* it didn't cause their deaths! :*(

The KMR wasn't the whole cause of the tiny tuxies' death. There's a new post on this blog with the information I got when I called the company.


Alexi said...

Uh oh ! Bad news for sure! Mombean uses KMR on the rare occasion one when one of the girls does not have enough milk or one kitten needs supplemental feeding. There are other milk replacers. Try one of those instead. I hope your tiny babies are fine and they don't die from the bad KMR.

PDX pride said...

The tiny ones died after a week with us. They died a week ago. :(

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

How can so many bad products be out there that can hurt. Thanks for putting this important information up and helping to protect the little ones.