Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cord Protectors

I wish I'd known about these Cord Protectors when we had all the kittens last summer. They look like a great product! Each strip is 10 feet long (yes, you read that right!) and can be cut to length with household scissors. They are clear, thick, flexible plastic with a slit to slide around the cord and prevent chewing. If chewed on, the cat (or dog, or other animal) will only be making contact with the protector and not the cord itself. They are $8.99 plus shipping, and can be purchased from Drs. Foster & Smith at the link above.

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Warner Rattray said...

I have same problems also in the past. I have puppies at home that kept on chewing my television cable. It almost ruin the television itself because the damaged wire caused a short circuit. Luckily i discovered cord protectors and it saved me a lot. Until now I'm using protectors for all my electrical wiring.