Thursday, April 22, 2010

Product Review: Eco-friendly Litterbox & Air Cleaner

When I was contacted by the manufacturers of Clean & Green to do a review, I didn't know quite what to expect.  An earth-friendly aerosol?  It sounded like an oxymoron.  As Starla is having litterbox issues right now, we had the perfect test house for their litterbox odor eliminator, so I requested that one to test.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary aerosol can.  However, there are no harmful products or byproducts, the propellant is nitrogen, and it is safe to use around pets without additional cleanup afterwards!  Just shake, spray, and rub in with a cloth!  It's very easy to use, smells great, and degrades into gas and water after cleaning.

Starla had just peed outside the box, so I cleaned up the urine then sprayed the Litterbox Odor Eliminator on the wood floor and the wall.  Immediately, the smell in the air was gone, and within five minutes most of the smell on the floor was gone.  I rubbed the product in with a washcloth, waited about 20 minutes, then smelled the floor.  No urine smell at all!  It had all been taken care of!

This product works better than Nature's Miracle for wood floors, and eliminates the odor in the air as well as the surface odors, so is twice as effective with less product.  I am very happy with the Clean & Green Litterbox Odor Eliminator, and will definitely order it in the future.

To order this or Clean & Green's other cleaning products, see their website, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

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